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Buff Consolidation Box

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Hovering over the box reveals the buffs

A Buff Consolidation Box is a box in which buffs are "stored" with a certain length.

Enabling this adds a buff consolidation box near the mini-map. Very short term buffs (e.g. [Replenishment]) and very long term buffs (e.g. [Prayer of Fortitude]) are filtered into the buff box. The icons are stacked here, but they can still be seen by moving the mouse cursor over the buff box. Long term buffs will move out of the box when they are about to expire. Buffs such as important procs (e.g. Art of War, [Maelstrom Weapon]), cooldowns (e.g. [Bloodlust] / [Heroism], [Combustion]) or limited in range (e.g. totems and paladin auras) are always displayed.

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