Consoling the King

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AllianceConsoling the King
Start Genn Greymane
End Anduin Wrynn
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category The King's Path
Experience 12,340
Rewards 14g 60s
Previous A [110] Summons to the Keep
Next A [110] A Kingdom's Heart


Look for King Anduin Wrynn inside Stormwind Cathedral.


Anduin hasn't been the same since you brought him his father's compass. He has become listless... distracted.

We attempted to console him, to no avail. Yesterday morning, he left the keep without so much as a word.

I ordered the guards to follow him, of course. He went to pray at the cathedral, where he's remained ever since.

You brought this melancholy upon him! You must convince the boy to resume his duties. There's a war to be won!


You will receive: 14g 60s


Let me guess... Genn sent you.

I wonder which he's more concerned about... my well-being, or keeping up the appearance that everything is normal?



On accept
Prophet Velen says: Anduin refuses to eat or sleep. He ignores every plea to return to the palace. Nothing I say seems to offer comfort.
Genn Greymane says: I understand the need to mourn, but the king's place is on his throne. The Broken Shore must be our focus. Convince Anduin to end his vigil!
Enter cathedral
Royal Guard says: King Greymane said you would be coming. Please, go right in.


  1. A [110] A Found Memento
  2. A [110] Summons to the Keep
  3. A [110] Consoling the King
  4. A [110] A Kingdom's Heart
  5. A [110] A Personal Message
  6. A [110] A Walk to Remember
  7. A [110] Lost Souls
  8. A [110] The King's Path

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