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This page is dedicated to the Artifact/Relic/Mysterious Talisman[1] contained in the  [Mosh'Ogg Bounty].


The Artifact found within the  [Opened Mosh'Ogg Bounty] has been carbon-dated at approximately 150,000 years old[2] through the use of a carbon-dating potion[3] and is believed to be of old god origin.[4] It is said to be some sort of piece of an old god[5] and bears close resemblance to Saronite, but lacks several key characteristics. Due to the geography it may indicate the presence of an old god beneath the Eastern Kingdoms though previous expeditions have never indicated as such. However the cataclysmic events of Deathwing's return have revealed several hidden relics.[4]

The Artifact appears to be directly related to the  [Whispering Blue Stone] found in the possession of Kurzen's Expedition[6] that looks just like certain rocks seen near the Mosh'Ogg Ogre Mound where the  [Mosh'Ogg Bounty] containing the Artifact was found.[7] While it is a Blue Crystalline substance native to Stranglethorn Vale it is neither a  [Singing Blue Crystal] or a  [Pulsing Blue Shard], nor is it a piece of the  [Mind's Eye].[6]

Samples may have been sent to Ironforge[5] and Silvermoon for further analysis in better facilities that can protect the analysts from the Artifact's effects.[4]


The Artifact reacts explosively to the application of  [Zanzil's Mixture] in contrast to what would be expected of Titan artifacts which are largely inert.[8]

Relics of this type tend to emit harmful effects and any contact with this artifact could pose a great risk to one's well-being,[4] those who have been affected by it have described themselves as feeling woozy.[5]

It also appears to be responsible for the faint purple glowing scars that mark the  [Disfigured Mosh'Ogg Hand] that are highly unusual in that their glow persists even after death.[9]

The related  [Whispering Blue Stone] appears to be the source of the madness that afflicts Kurzen's Expedition[6][7] where it was used as part of a  [Jungle Remedy] composed primarily of  [Crystal Spine Basilisk Blood][10] used by Kurzen Medicine Men to quelch insubordination under the guise of "medicine".[11]


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

The region now called Stranglethorn appears to have once partially been located within the territory of the Old God N'Zoth during the reign of the Black Empire.[12] Thus, the saronite-like substance within the bounty may be related to N'Zoth, possibly its blood.