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A Cooking Award is a type of currency related to Cooking.


There are two types of Cooking Awards:

Note:  [Dalaran Cooking Award] and [Chef's Award] were merged into the [Epicurean's Award].


They are used to buy a large number of cooking recipes and a few cooking ingredients. The Dalaran type can also be used to buy the  [Chef's Hat]. For the items (both recipes and ingredients) which can be purchased, see the two types' respective articles.


Cooking Awards are rewarded from several daily cooking quests. For the quests that reward theme, see the two types' respective articles.


Some cooking achievements are related to Cooking Awards:

  1. [Cooking Award]
  2. [10 Cooking Awards]
  3. [25 Cooking Awards]
  4. [50 Cooking Awards]
  5. [100 Cooking Awards]