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  • 10 Achievement points
  • Cooking Award
  • Obtain a Cooking Award.

This is an achievement that requires the player to get an [Epicurean's Award], which can be obtained by doing daily quests in Dalaran, Stormwind (Alliance) or Orgrimmar (Horde).


AllianceAlliance HordeHorde
Type Dalaran Quests
Daily A Cooking [77 Daily] Cheese for Glowergold H Cooking [77 Daily] Cheese for Glowergold
Daily A Cooking [77 Daily] Convention at the Legerdemain H Cooking [77 Daily] Convention at the Legerdemain
Daily A Cooking [77 Daily] Infused Mushroom Meatloaf H Cooking [77 Daily] Infused Mushroom Meatloaf
Daily A Cooking [77 Daily] Mustard Dogs! H Cooking [77 Daily] Mustard Dogs!
Daily A Cooking [77 Daily] Sewer Stew H Cooking [77 Daily] Sewer Stew
Capital City Quests
Daily A Cooking [50 Daily] A Fisherman's Feast H Cooking [50 Daily] Careful, This Fruit Bites Back
Daily A Cooking [50 Daily] Feeling Crabby? H Cooking [50 Daily] Crawfish Creole
Daily A Cooking [50 Daily] Orphans Like Cookies Too! H Cooking [50 Daily] Even Thieves Get Hungry
Daily A Cooking [50 Daily] Penny's Pumpkin Pancakes H Cooking [50 Daily] Everything Is Better with Bacon
Daily A Cooking [50 Daily] The King's Cider H Cooking [50 Daily] Stealing From Our Own
Daily A [50 Daily] A Fowl Shortage H Cooking [50 Daily] Escargot A Go-Go
Daily A [50 Daily] A Round for the Guards H Cooking [50 Daily] Fungus Among Us
Daily A [50 Daily] Can't Get Enough Spice Bread H Cooking [50 Daily] Lily, Oh Lily
Daily A [50 Daily] I Need to Cask a Favor H Cooking [50 Daily] Roach Coach
Daily A [50 Daily] Keepin' the Haggis Flowin' H Cooking [50 Daily] Would You Like Some Flies With That?
Daily A Cooking [50 Daily] Back to Basics H Cooking [50 Daily] Corn Mash
Daily A Cooking [50 Daily] Remembering the Ancestors H Cooking [50 Daily] "Magic" Mushrooms
Daily A Cooking [50 Daily] Ribs for the Sentinels H Cooking [50 Daily] Mulgore Spice Bread
Daily A Cooking [50 Daily] Spice Bread Aplenty H Cooking [50 Daily] Perfectly Picked Portions
Daily A Cooking [50 Daily] The Secret to Perfect Kimchi H Cooking [50 Daily] Pining for Nuts



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