Cooking With Unstable Herbs

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AllianceCooking With Unstable Herbs
Start Fiona [53.6, 57.3]
End Fiona [53.6, 57.3]
Level 91 (Requires 90)
Category Shadowmoon Valley (alternate universe)
Experience 13830
Rewards  [Recipe: Fiona's Remedy]
11g 80s
Previous A [91] Fiona's Solution, A [91] Swamplighter Queen
Next A [90] Poison Paralysis, A [90] Botani Beatdown, A [90] Blademoon Bloom, A [90] Forever Young


Help Fiona brew a curative elixir.

  • Speak to Fiona
  • Elixir complete
  • Use the elixir on Gidwin


The base is boiling and ready for those ingredients.

Add each of the ingredients, one at a time, and I will handle the mixing and frothing. Speak to me when you are ready.

On accept:

Fiona says: Let me know when you're ready!


You will receive:  [Recipe: Fiona's Remedy] and 11g 80s


Are you ready to begin?

Gossip I'm ready, Fiona.

Fiona says: Let's get cooking!

Choose the right option:

  • Fiona says: Let's add in something dangerous... maybe even toxic! - Stingtail Venom
  • Fiona says: Okay, how about something that'll stir it up and wriggle around! - Riotvine
  • Fiona says: Throw in something meaty! - Riverbeast Heart
  • Fiona says: How about something that'll give it a nice glow! - Moonlit Herb
Correct ingredient
  • Fiona says: Nicely done!
  • Fiona says: That's the stuff!
  • Fiona says: Good job!
  • Fiona says: Perfect!
Incorrect ingredient
Fiona says: Oh no! That wasn't quite right. Let's just whip up a new batch.


Fiona says: We did it! This elixir should do the trick.
Fiona says: Here, give this to Gidwin. Hopefully this works.
Once applied, Gidwin falls asleep.


Gidwin is looking much better. Thank you, <name>.

We have just enough elixir here to help the others.


  • 13830 XP


  1. A [93] The Southern Wilds
  2. A [91] Crippled Caravan
  3. Complete both:
  4. A [91] Cooking With Unstable Herbs
  5. A [90] Blademoon Bloom
  6. A [90] Gestating Genesaur
  7. A [91] Fiona (optional)

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