Core Rager

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MobCore Rager
Image of Core Rager
Race Core hound (Beast)
Level 62 Elite
Health 39,025
Location Molten Core
Status Killable
Pet family Core hound

Core Ragers can be found in Molten Core as the pets of Golemagg the Incinerator; two will assist him in the fight. They cannot be killed while Golemagg still lives; once he dies, they will die too.


Two offtanks should fight the Core Ragers far away from Golemagg. The dogs can't die so there is no reason to DPS them, just keep them occupied. When they are out of range of Golemagg's buff, their horns will stop glowing red. [Curse of Weakness] can be useful, as the two hounds are not killed themselves. The hounds also can provide a steady stream of health to warlocks via [Siphon Life].


  • The Core Rager appears as a rare card for the Hunter class in the Blackrock Mountain adventure of Hearthstone. Two copies of the card are rewarded for defeating Highlord Omokk in the Blackrock Spire wing. The flavor text reads: "It takes a special kind of hunter to venture deep into a firey lava pit and convince a monster who lives there to come home and be a cuddly housepet."

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