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For the TCG card, see Corpse Explosion (Scourgewar). For the pet battle ability, see [Corpse Explosion]. For the cosmetic ability, see [Corpse Exploder].
Corpse Explosion
Ability creature disease 02.png
  • Corpse Explosion (5 ranks)
  • Unholy, Tier 3
  • Cause a corpse to explode for X Shadow damage to all enemies within 20 yards. Will use a nearby corpse if the target is not a corpse. Does not affect mechanical or elemental corpses.
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"This existence is not without its perks."
—Triton the Sacrilegious

Corpse Explosion was a death knight ability that caused a corpse to explode, damaging nearby enemies. Exploded corpses changed to meat or bones models and could still be looted and skinned.

Tips and tricks

Although the tooltip made no mention of it, Corpse Explosion could also be cast on a death knight's own "living" ghoul. Rather than an instant detonation for minor area damage, the ghoul's explosion was delayed by two seconds and dealt much more damage than what was listed. The effect was similar to the Explode ability a player gained when raised as a ghoul by a death knight's (pre-3.0.8) [Raise Dead], (pre-3.1.0) [Shadow of Death], or (pre-4.1.0) [Raise Ally].

In order to specify the ghoul as the target of the spell, the ghoul needed to be selected before the spell was used.


  • This ability was planned to return in Mists of Pandaria, being redesigned with the following effect: "Detonate the nearest Disease-Ridden corpse with shadow damage within 15 yards, afflicting them with Blood Plague and Frost Fever. An enemy that dies with one of more of your diseases will get the Disease-Ridden effect."[citation needed]  Ultimately, it returned instead in a purely cosmetic form.


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