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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

In the Nightmare, ordinarily peaceful creatures are corrupted into shadowy, mutated versions of themselves known as corrupted ones. The corrupted ones are vicious and cruel, hunting anything they can, even after they leave the Nightmare's affected zone.[1] They appear to be a type of corrupted creatures.[2]


The process can take minutes, hours or days depending on the creature, and some are never affected. Beings that enter the Emerald Nightmare, either voluntarily or because it sweeps across them, must be careful to avoid becoming corrupted. The energy that causes the corruption takes a full day to fade away.[1]

The Nightmare is not a stable place. Occasionally, storms erupt and areas of intense corruption appear.[1] When this happens there is very little that can be done to remove the corruption. Remove curse might help, but if it fails, further remove curse spells are of no use. A heal spell may work as well, but if it fails, further heal spells may actually make things worse until it no longer will help the corrupted individual. Otherwise, the only other means to eliminate corruption is with miracles and wishes.[2]

Corrupted types



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