Corruptor Tentacle

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Not to be confused with Corruptor Tentacle (Emerald Nightmare).
MobCorruptor Tentacle
Image of Corruptor Tentacle
Race Tentacle (Aberration)
Level 82 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Prison of Yogg-Saron, Ulduar

Corruptor Tentacles are spawned during the Yogg-Saron encounter at the end of the Ulduar instance.

Attacks and abilities

  • Spell shadow auraofdarkness.png  Curse of Doom — A debuff which inflicts 20,000 Shadow damage after 12 sec. Curse, dispellable.
  • Spell shadow coneofsilence.png  Apathy — 20 second debuff which reduces attack, casting and movement speed by 60%. Magic, dispellable.
  • Spell deathknight explode ghoul.png  Black Plague — 24 second debuff which periodically stuns for 2 seconds. Disease, dispellable.
  • Spell nature nullifypoison.png  Draining Poison — 18 second debuff which causes 3500 Nature damage and drains 1400 Mana every 3 sec. Poison, dispellable.

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