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This article is about lore of the cosmos. For the list of Warcraft game material, see Warcraft universe. For the film universe information, see Warcraft film universe.
The cosmic forces, realms and denizens of the universe.

The cosmos[1][2] is composed of various cosmic forces, realms, magics, planets, and various denizens.


The Great Dark Beyond

Main article: Great Dark Beyond

The Great Dark Beyond represents the physical universe.

The Twisting Nether

Main article: Twisting Nether

The Twisting Nether is an astral dimension that lies in parallel with the Great Dark.

The Emerald Dream

Main article: Emerald Dream

The Emerald Dream is an ethereal, verdant realm of spirits and untamed nature existing alongside Azeroth.

The Shadowlands

Main article: Shadowlands

The Shadowlands are also linked to Azeroth. It is a realm that represents death full of souls of the deceased.


The most notable denizens of the cosmos are the void lords, naaru, titans, demons, Old Gods, Wild Gods, elemental spirits and undead.

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