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Council of Tribes

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This article is about lore regarding the Council of Tribes. For the boss encounter, see Council of Tribes (tactics).
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The Council of Tribes was a council that ruled the Zandalari Empire during a time when no single emperor could rule Zandalar.


There was once a time when no single emperor could rule Zandalar. After a period of civil war, the heads of three families formed an uneasy coalition and tried to rule the empire together. Though they did not often agree, there was peace in Zandalar. Briefly.[1]

During the final era of the Council of Tribes, a blood plague broke out, killing thousands of trolls. It was deemed that the bodies, too polluted for proper burial, would instead be burned and kept in special urns. As time progressed, this method became commonplace among the Zandalari in disposing of their dead.[2] After the great plague, there were still those who clung to the magics of the blood god. They tested their magics and perfected them. One such relic was a totem, which when concentrated upon, would drain not just the life from their enemies, but also their blood, infusing the caster with it and altering them in unusual ways. This was the dawn of who the Zandalari call, "the blood trolls".[3]


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The Council of Tribes' rule was likely a result of the failed attempt of the Zandalari and mogu to take Uldum, as the activation of the Forge of Origination is described as killing most of both empires' leadership and leaving massive power vacuums.[4]


Preceded by:
Earliest known: Dazar
Rulers of the Zandalari
Succeeded by:
Earliest named: Tezlekhan