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110 (Requires 110)



Gather Fiendish Leather and Lightweave Cloth and use Enstraa's Tanning Oil to create 12 Purified Fiendish Leather.


In the past, I was able to make glorious items from the beasts of this land. But then the Legion came and wiped out all those amazing beasts.

Now I'm forced to use their polluted hides to craft armor for my allies. I have, however, found a way to remove their taint.

The cloth we use is made from special thread infused with Light energy. I devised an oil which when combined with the cloth purifies the leather and makes it usable.

Here, take my oil and see for yourself.


You will learn the following: Pattern List: Argus Leatherworking


I often dream of working with unsullied leather again. But who knows when that will ever be...


An interesting balance, but necessary. You may keep the oil, I have plenty.

Oh, and now that you know how to purify the leather, let me show you how to use it. Here are some shoulder patterns my allies ask for regularly.


Enstraa is located on the bottom level of the Vindicaar, in the southwest area on your minimap. You must have completed N [110] The Child of Light and Shadow before this quest becomes available.

You will need a total of 12  [Fiendish Leather] and  [Lightweave Cloth] each. The items must be in your bags.



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