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Court of Harvesters

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The Court of Harvesters are a reputation faction in Revendreth comprised of venthyr and their servants.


After countless ages spent under the rule of Sire Denathrius, authority in Revendreth is now shared amongst the Court of Harvesters. These noble venthyr carry out the sacred duty of redeeming prideful souls.

The Court of Harvesters are those venthyr who bear the seven Medallions created in Sinfall by Sire Denathrius,[1][2] each containing a fraction Denathrius' power,[3] and allowing Denathrius to see the actions of each Harvester.[4] The Medallions give each Harvester authority of their respective Ward and duties otherwise, as well as great power.[5] There is an area between Sinfall and Castle Nathria with the same name. The Harvesters were originally created in Sinfall, but of the original Harvesters only three remain: Prince Renathal, The Curator, and The Stonewright.







Mistress Mihaela
Rep Item Cost Type
Exalted  [Court of Harvesters Tabard] 500g Tabard


  • The sins of Revendreth of each Medallion seems to be based off of the Roman Catholic Seven Deadly Sins.


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By the end of the [The Master of Revendreth] and [Venthyr Campaign] storylines, the Fearstalker and the Tithelord have been killed and their Medallions claimed, Prince Renathal has recovered his Medallion, the Accuser has recovered her Medallion, and the Curator and the Countess have both willingly given their Medallions to Prince Renathal, with the purpose of empowering the  [Crown of the Harvesters] for Renathal to become the new ruler of Revendreth. It is unclear if this means that Prince Renathal will become the new Sire. This could mean that the Harvesters of Dominion, Dread, and Envy all need replacements on the Court for things to go back to normal, if the traditional roles were maintained.

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