Court of Stars: Beware the Fury of a Patient Elf

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NeutralCourt of Stars: Beware the Fury of a Patient Elf
Start First Arcanist Thalyssra
End First Arcanist Thalyssra
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Type Dungeon
Category Court of Stars
Experience 21,090
Reputation +500 The Nightfallen
Rewards  [Ancient Qiraji Idol]
41g 20s
Previous N [110] Friends With Benefits


Enter the Court of Stars dungeon and slay Advisor Melandrus. Collect his Spellstone and return it to Thalyssra.


An opportunity presents itself, <name>.

Ly'leth has arranged to grant you entry into a ball at the Court of Stars. I do not know what we may gain from this venture, but there is one task I must set for you.

Advisor Melandrus once called himself my ally. He and I planned Elisande's downfall, but when the moment came I found myself betrayed.

The wound his dagger inflicted still aches. I cannot enter Suramar to take my revenge, but you can.

Give him a traitor's death, and bring me his spellstone.


You will receive: 41g 20s
Inv qirajidol vermillion.png [Ancient Qiraji Idol]


Is it done?


<Thalyssra clutches the spellstone tightly for a moment.>

He brought this upon himself.

I cannot linger in the past. Elisande is weaker without him, and we are one step closer to righting the wrongs inflicted upon the shal'dorei.



  1. N [110] The Perfect Opportunity
  2. Complete all of:
    • House Astravar
    1. N [110] Either With Us
    2. N [110G] Thinly Veiled Threats
    3. N [110] Vote of Confidence
    • Arluin
    1. N [110] Or Against Us
    2. N [110] Death Becomes Him
    3. N [110G] Rumor Has It
  3. N [110] In the Bag
  4. N [110] Ly'leth's Champion (grants Statecraft achievement credit)
  5. N [110] Friends With Benefits
  6. N [110D] The Arcway: Opening the Arcway & N [110D] Court of Stars: Beware the Fury of a Patient Elf & N [110D] The Arcway: Long Buried Knowledge

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