Coven Thornshaper

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MobCoven Thornshaper
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Gender Female
Race Witch (Humanoid)
Level 110 - 120 Elite
Mana 295,105
Wealth 2g 57s 55c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Heartsbane Coven
Location Waycrest Manor
Status Killable

Coven Thornshapers are witches located in Waycrest Manor.


  • Effigy Reconstruction - Reconstructs all nearby Thornguards and Jagged hounds who are in combat, healing them to full health.
  • Infected Thorn - Hurls a plagued thorn at the enemy, inflicting 9 Nature damage and an additional 3 Nature damage every 1 sec for 8 sec.
  • Soul Fetish - Stores the caster's soul in a fetish. Upon death, the soul is released and bonds with a nearby ally, increasing their damage done by 10% and haste by 20%. This effect stacks. Each time the caster's soul jumps to a new ally, a stack is lost.
  • Uproot - Thorned roots appear at the target's location, inflicting 5 Nature damage to all enemies within 4 yards of the target and knocking them upwards. Additionally, the roots remain at the target's location, inflicting 3 Nature damage every 1 sec and reducing movement speed by 50%.
  • Warding Candles - Place a series of enchanted candles around the caster, reducing damage taken by 50% for the caster and all their allies within the candles.


  • All will fall!
  • Bow before the Heartsbane!
  • In death... I still serve...
  • Mother... avenge me...
  • Our power is ancient!
  • The coven will rule!
  • The coven... will end you...
  • The Mother will take you!
  • You cannot stop... my curse...
  • You cannot win...

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