Cowled Ranger

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NeutralCowled Ranger
Image of Cowled Ranger
Gender Female
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level ??
Class Elven ranger
Health 16,384,000
Mana 604k
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Lunarfall; Frostwall

Disguised as the Cowled Ranger, Shandris Feathermoon is found in the Lunarfall Inn or Frostwall Tavern. She offers a daily quest with the  [Sentinel's Companion] as a reward. After both quests are finished, she reveals that she is looking for Alleria Windrunner.




I wish to be alone.


  • The identity of the Cowled Ranger was initially unclear, with popular theories including Shandris Feathermoon; Vereesa or Sylvanas Windrunner in disguise looking for their lost sister; a member of the Unseen Path before its introduction in Legion; and Emmarel Shadewarden, who admitted to having fought alongside the Windrunner family in the past. Early hints that it was Shandris included her "Boss NPC" status, which Shandris has, and her hair color, facial markings, skin tone, and face being the same; as well as hairstyle if her helmet was removed. Her  [Sentinel's Companion] reward also indicated she was a Sentinel. During Battle for Azeroth she was updated to use Shandris's on-click lines, confirming her identity.

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