Crazed Shado-Pan Ranger

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NeutralCrazed Shado-Pan Ranger
Image of Crazed Shado-Pan Ranger
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 87
Health 47,925
Affiliation(s) Shado-Pan
Occupation Ranger
Location Hatred's Vice, Townlong Steppes
Status Alive

Crazed Shado-Pan Rangers are level 87 pandaren found at Hatred's Vice in Townlong Steppes. They are rangers of the Shado-Pan that were corrupted by the sha.



  • Was that... the sha? I wanted to rip everyone to shreds!
  • The sha had me in its grasp? I had not even realized it until now...
  • Thank you, friend. I could not escape the sha's grip on my own.
  • I... what happened? I feel much calmer now.
  • Wh-what came over me?
  • Thank you for freeing me of that horrible burden.
  • I felt... so much hatred...

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