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NeutralCrewman Quickfix
Image of Crewman Quickfix
Title <The Thundercaller>
Gender Male
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 26
Health 804
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Steamwheedle Cartel
Location The Thundercaller, Orgrimmar or Tirisfal Glades

Crewman Quickfix is a member of The Thundercaller, the zeppelin that runs between Orgrimmar and Brill.

Being that he tries to quickly fix things, to fit his name, he usually ends up breaking them more often than Sparkfly. That helmet has saved his life more than once on the last trip alone.[citation needed] 


The three crewmen on this airship seem to share dialogs:

  • <Grumbles> I still don't know how we managed to snake through Thousand Needles without a scratch, only to crash and burn in the Shimmering Flats!
  • I am impressed that pine tree branches don't seem to damage our ship much. Not that it excuse the three times we've crashed into some forest.
  • I'd never thought I'd get to see Teldrassil... I certainly never thought we'd crash into Teldrassil.
  • <Grumbles> You'd think it would be hard to crash a zeppelin into the ocean. You'd think it would be even harder to do it four separate times!
  • <Grumbles> I guess those mountains came out of nowhere... all five times!
  • <Grumbles> I wish I could say we've managed to avoid crash landing into lakes. I wish I could say we've only crashed into a lake once... but we've managed to crash into four separate lakes, including Lordamere Lake!
  • We've managed to squeeze through Thunder Bluff twice now!

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