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Crimson Cutthroats

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The Crimson Cutthroats are a group of outlaws accused of smuggling, forgery, sailing under false colors, looting, poaching, brigandage, sacking, pillaging, vandalism, impersonating Kul Tiran Naval officers, arson, kidnapping, torture, piracy, perjury, theft and ransacking multiple mead shipments. A bounty had been placed on their head by mayor of Falconhurst, Leandro Royston.[1]

At one point, something occurred which for resulted in the betrayal of Arvon while he slept.[2]


Name Role Status Location
 Arvon the Betrayed Former member Undead Iceveil Glacier, Drustvar
 Thorn Sutton Member Killable Crimson Coast, Drustvar
 Wallis Crowder Member Killable Crimson Coast, Drustvar
 Mareen Sherwood Member Killable Crimson Coast, Drustvar


  • They are sometimes misspelled as the Crimson Cuttroats.