High Warlord Cromush

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HordeHigh Warlord Cromush
Image of High Warlord Cromush
Gender Male
Race Mag'har orc (Humanoid)
Class Warrior
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Orgrimmar
Occupation High Warlord
Location Various
Status Alive

High Warlord Cromush is a Mag'har orc high warlord, who attended the meeting where Sylvanas Windrunner showed Garrosh Hellscream how the val'kyr raise the dead into new Forsaken. Both the High Warlord and the Warchief himself were disgusted by this, and to make sure the forsaken won't be up to any tricks, Garrosh dispensed Cromush to "guard" Sylvanas.

Cromush takes this charge without question, though appears to be far more tolerant of the Forsaken than some other orcs in the Eastern Kingdoms.


Cromush in Hillsbrad.

High Warlord Cromush accompanied Lady Sylvanas and her forces through Silverpine Forest - Sepulcher and The Forsaken Front. From the latter he directed the adventurers to kill worgen druids. Following the victory over the Alliance, he fought against Lord Godfrey and his allies when they betrayed Sylvanas, making Godfrey and his ilk escape to the nearby Shadowfang Keep. In a moment of panic, Cromush hastily urged the val'kyr to "fix" Sylvanas, which they did, even though it cost them their lives in the process.

Deathstalker Commander Belmont later finds Cromush within Shadowfang Keep, and together with the player they work to defeat Godfrey. Belmont smoothly attributes the plague the Forsaken forces had been using to clean the keep's effectiveness to be little more than a worgen repellent, an excuse Cromush takes with a pinch of salt. Godfrey is later able to incapacitate Cromush via poison, leaving Belmont and the player to continue ahead and take revenge.

Cromush was later relocated to Tarren Mill in Hillsbrad Foothills, eager to put the Forsaken war machine to good use. After the demise of Kingslayer Orkus, Cromush honors his actions for the betterment of a Horde-controlled Lordaeron, and learns of the Stormpike Clan's intentions towards it. He asks for the aid of the Frostwolf Clan in retaliation, and is shocked when General Drek'Thar completely rejects the notion of aiding the Forsaken.

Outraged, Cromush resolves to defeat the Stormpike without the assistance of the Frostwolves. With the help of the player and the Banshee Melisara, Cromush goes about bringing the destruction of the Stormpike Clan in Hillsbrad, and is able to bring about an aptly named "Stormpike apocalypse", shattering their presence in Hillsbrad.

Cromush reveals that Warchief Hellscream will learn of Drek'Thar's supposed "treason", though nothing ever came of it.

Cromush accepts the call to arms sent out by the Guardians of Hyjal, and comes to their aid in the battle against Ragnaros' forces.[1]

Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

During the Legion Invasions of Hillsbrad, Cromush leads the defense against the demons. After they are repelled he wants to deal with the Alliance.

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

Cromush is aboard The Banshee's Wail in Zuldazar.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Silverpine Forest 20 8,205
Silverpine Forest 85 39,935
Silverpine Forest 85 387,450
Shadowfang Keep 85 39,935
Hillsbrad Foothills 85 119,805
Legion Invasion 100 978,540


Silverpine Forest
Hillsbrad Foothills


High Warlord Cromush says: Do not mourn Orkus. He died with honor... with pride. He died a hero of the Horde.
High Warlord Cromush says: From Lordaeron to Kalimdor, they will know his name and they will sing songs of glory, praising the fallen champion of the Horde.
High Warlord Cromush says: Know that what you did will save hundreds, maybe thousands of lives. You are also a true hero of the Horde, <name>.[2]


  • When found in Tarren Mill, Cromush has a tremendous amount of a health and boasts a large amount of damage. This is likely an anti-gank precaution for the safety of the Mill's inhabitants, as the regions around Tarren Mill and Southshore were once hotspots for player killing.
  • Cromush appears to be sporting a full Wrathful Gladiator's Battlegear set, and wields a  [High Warlord's Pig Sticker].
  • An unused NPC representing Cromush is situated in the same ID range as other legendary warriors presumably meant to appear in Skyhold. He and most of these NPCs didn't make it out of the Legion alpha stage.

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