Crown of the Earth (2)

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AllianceCrown of the Earth

5 (Requires 4)




+75 Darnassus


Crown of the Earth is an Alliance only quest in Shadowglen, the night elf starting area. In this quest, players are sent by Tenaron Stormgrip to Corithras Moonrage for further instructions.


Bring the  [Partially Filled Vessel] to Corithras Moonrage in Dolanaar.


While there is more I could speak to you of the moonwells and of Teldrassil, I must send you along. Corithras Moonrage will be expecting you. I have poured the phial of water you brought to me into this vessel to bring to him.

Seek out Corithras. You will find him at the moonwell in Dolanaar. Follow the road south from Aldrassil out of Shadowglen, and continue to follow the cobblestones as the road turns west.

Mind you stay on the road though, <name>. There are dangerous beasts in the forests of late.



Greetings, <class>. For what purpose do I owe the pleasure of our meeting?


Ah, I see. You were sent by Tenaron. Well then, it would seem we have much to talk about, much to do, and little time to do it in.

I think we'd best get started.


Obtaining this quest

Tenaron Stormgrip [59.1, 39.4] is at the top of Aldrassil, in the center of Shadowglen. Speak to him after completing A [5] Crown of the Earth (Part 1) to receive this quest.

Completing this quest

Corithras Moonrage [55.8, 53.9] can be found just south of the inn in Dolanaar, standing near the moonwell. To reach Dolanaar from Aldressil, follow the road southeast out of Shadowglen. The road will curve south, then west. Don't take the turn off to the east towards Starbreeze Village - instead, stay on the main road which curves west. You should arrive in Dolanaar, and the inn should be on your left.


  1. A [5] Tenaron's Summons
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