Crusader Kevin Frost

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NeutralKevin Frost
Image of Kevin Frost
Title <Argent Crusade>
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 15-30
Affiliation(s) Argent Crusade
Location Plaguewood, Eastern Plaguelands
Status Alive

Crusader Kevin Frost is a human quest giver in central Plaguewood in the Eastern Plaguelands.

He offers a variety of quests to kill undead in Plaguewood, which can be completed in conjunction with other quests in the area.



Don't let anybody tell you that the Scourge is defeated. Look... do they not still roam the Plaguewood? They cling to their corrupted land like a child's blanket.

I have no choice but to fight. Until my last breath, I will fight them.

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