Crushcog's Guardian

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MobCrushcog's Guardian
Image of Crushcog's Guardian
Gender Male
Race Crowd pummeler (Mechanical)
Level 1-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Iceflow Lake, Dun Morogh[41.2, 40.4]

Crushcog's Guardians are leper gnome-piloted crowd pummeler mechs that appear during A IconSmall Gnome Male.gifIconSmall Gnome Female.gif [5] Down with Crushcog! in Dun Morogh. As High Tinker Mekkatorque confronts Razlo Crushcog at the island on Iceflow Lake, the four Crushcog Technicians present will hop into the inactive mechs and become this mob.

They reward no experience and drop no loot.

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