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Crystalforges are used to create unstable flasks in Blade's Edge Mountains. There are three crystalforges, the Bash'ir Crystalforge and two Fel Crystalforges. The Sha'tari Skyguard is interested in studying crystalforges, conducting a raid on the Bash'ir Crystalforge every two hours for this purpose. The Bash'ir and Fel crystalforges look markedly different, having more in common with their fellow ethereal and Burning Legion technology, respectively, than with each other.

The creation of each flask consumes 10 Apexis Shards, but can be made in lots of 5 as well, consuming 50 shards.

There are other unstable flasks available, but these must be bought from the Aether-tech Assistant during the Bash'ir Landing raid event. The Aether-tech Adept and Aether-tech Master sell additional items created from the crystalforge during the event.

The name "crystalforge" likely comes from the fact that shards of Apexis Crystals are consumed in their use. The Aether-tech Master is also capable of using them on intact Apexis Crystals.