Crystalline Protector

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MobCrystalline Protector
Image of Crystalline Protector
Gender Male
Race Ancient protector (Elemental)
Level 71 Elite
Location Singing Grove, The Nexus
Status Killable

Crystalline Protectors are found in the Singing Grove in The Nexus. Archmage Berinand concludes from his research that they are the next step in the metamorphosis which the Glacial Ancients and Magic-Bound Ancients undergo from being exposed to incredible levels of arcane energy.[1]


Drops  [Arcane Splinter] for N [71D] The Quickening.

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  1. ^ N [71D] The Quickening, Archmage Berinand "These Ancients are being exposed to incredible levels of arcane energy. It's literally transforming them into something... different. I'm confident that there's another stage in their metamorphosis. I'll need you to actually enter the Nexus, <name>, and find me some evidence of their final state."

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