Cui Applebloom

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AllianceCui Applebloom
Image of Cui Applebloom
Title <Mistress of Cider>
Gender Female
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 85
Occupation Brewer
Location Paw'don Village, Jade Forest

Cui Applebloom is a pandaren located in Paw'don Village in the Jade Forest.



Our village is small, but my family has been producing Pandaria's finest cider atop these hills for generations.

I want nothing more than for peace to return so we may collect our harvest and reunite with our children.

Cui Applebloom says: Chut will protect us if we are further endangered. He always has.
Cui Applebloom says: We will do what we can, dear sister. We are not warriors, we cannot simply drive the outsiders away.

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