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Cultural Significance

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AllianceCultural Significance

110 - 120 (Requires 110)




A Herbalism [110 - 120] Gathering Mementos


Learn the importance of sea stalks from people in Boralus.


I've noticed your skill with harvesting plants has improved, but I also noticed that you just treat each flower and leaf as a commodity. The flora of these islands have a rich history, with a deep cultural significance to us.

Take this sea stalk, go around town, and ask some of the men and women what it means to them. Humor me, and I'll make it worth your while.


You will learn: Herbalism Technique: Sea Stalk (Rank 2)


Sea stalk has a unique magical property that allows the stalk to provide the flower water, even if the flower is cut off. 

Sailors will give their loved ones a flower and keep the stalk on themselves, so if they fall over board, the salt water kills the flower. What you hold is more than a stick, it's a family member's life.

As for your lesson, unlike most other magic plants, the best material to harvest for magical essence is the stem, not the leaves or flower.


Provisioner Fray
Provisioner Fray says: My sister's husband gave her a Sea Stalk before setting off on a four month voyage, only to have the flower wilt on the third day. She was out of her mind with grief, but because she knew about it early, she was able to ration her coin to provide for her kids.
Flynn Fairwind
Flynn Fairwind says: Some sailors consider them bad luck, almost tempting fate. Others want their loved ones to not have to wait for bad news. I don't begrudge either.
Joseph Furlong
Joseph Furlong says: Keep... keep that away from me. I only.... want to drown... in my cups! *hic!*


  1. B Herbalism [110 - 120] Cultural Significance
  2. B Herbalism [110 - 120] Gathering Mementos

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