Cursed Steel

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Cursed Steel
Inv sword 1h artifactskywall d 02dual.png
  • Cursed Steel (20 ranks)
  • The cursed blades fill you with unsettling amounts of power, further increasing the deadliness of your strikes.

    Increases all damage by 5%.

Cursed Steel is an Outlaw rogue artifact trait. It is not linked to any trait and appears when [Blurred Time], [Blunderbuss] and [Greed] is unlocked.


  • Appears when you have unlocked all 3 Elite traits.
  • You then have to finish upgrading the artifact completely by putting points in all traits you have (34 traits prior to Patch 7.2.0).
  • The first point in it gives 5% more damage.
  • The following points add 0,5% damage up to 14,5% more damage at 20/20.

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