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Image of Daedal
Title <Alchemy Trainer>
Gender Male
Race Draenei (Humanoid)
Level 10
Affiliation(s) Exodar
Location Azure Watch, Azuremyst Isle[48.4, 51.5]
Status Alive

Daedal is a level 10 artisan alchemy trainer located at Azure Watch in the draenei starting zone of Azuremyst Isle.

Daedal is one of the many who journey to Blood Watch to celebrate the hero of Bloodmyst and Azuremyst.



Main article: An Alternative Alternative#Notes

An alchemist is able to work miracles with ordinary herbs, converting them into stable potions that range in effect from healing to breathing underwater and everything in between.

Gossip I wish to train as an alchemist, Daedal.


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