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For lore about daemons, see Daemon.

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Race Orc
Hit Points 300
Armor 0
Attack Damage 65
Range N/A
Decay Rate 45
Summoned by Warlock
Unlocked in Goldshire and Moonbrook
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This article contains lore or information taken from Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and/or its manual.

Denizens of the underworld, these creatures are the most powerful entities to ever exist in the lands of Azeroth. Their aptitude in the arts of deception and combat are only equaled by their sadistic nature, and the puissance they possess in the black arts of magic. They command the searing fires of Hell as if it were their plaything. They are the true lords of chaos, wreaking havoc at every step and destroying what they wish. There is rumored to be a gateway that appears every thirteenth full moon that bridges the gap between Azeroth and the underworld, and it is during these brief moments that the daemons can come to this place. Legend also states that some have the power to summon these creatures and control them, but if this is so, none are alive to tell the tale of how it is accomplished.[1]

These hellspawn are evil incarnate. The ability to summon these dark minions of the underworld has long been lost, though the Warlocks seek to find those secrets once again. Breathing flame and wielding a blade forged in the fires of Hades, destruction and death are their greatest desire. These daemons possess cruelty beyond the imagining of even the sickest mind, and delight in the execution of their plans. If there is a way to send these monsters back into the pits that spawned them without the loss of many lives, it too is a secret locked away in time.[2]


Daemons are heavy damage dealing melee units which can form the main attacking body of an attacking force. They are at their best when spread around the units, since they are very big, bulky and somewhat slow, they tend to cluster around when attacking, making them quite ineffective in groups. Daemons are the only units in the game which can survive a direct Catapult hit. If under attack by Daemons, distract them by using a Knight and then go all out with the Catapults, to wound/kill them while they are busy killing the Knight. Daemons are often considered the best unit in the game and superior to their human counterparts, Water Elementals.


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