Daggerjaw tribe

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For the Zuldazar grouper, see Daggerjaw.
Secondary leaders  Vicegnaw,
Race(s) Saberon
Base of operations Daggerjaw Incursion
Theater of operations Talador
Status Active

The Daggerjaw tribe is a tribe of saberon led by Vicegnaw[1] that are found in Talador at the Daggerjaw Incursion and Sharptusk Lake. While they originally hail from Gorgrond, the Daggerjaw saw an opportunity to be had in raiding the burgeoning outpost of Vol'jin's Pride, stealing supplies,  [Garrison Records], and slaughtering peons.[2]



  • There is a collection of level 94 uncommon leather armor named after the Daggerjaw.[3]
  • The Daggerjaw tribe are an especially good source of  [Sumptuous Fur] due to their proximity to Vol'jin's Pride.