Daio the Decrepit (quest)

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NeutralDaio the Decrepit

98 - 110 (Requires 98)


15,050 (level 100)


15g 40s


N Mage [98 - 110] Finding Ebonchill


N Mage [98 - 110] The Mage Hunter


Fly to the Tainted Scar in the Blasted Lands and get information from Daio the Decrepit.


That text lists someone named Daio as being instrumental to the demonic ritual. They can't possibly mean Daio the Decrepit!

I never knew he was Kirin Tor. I only know him as an elderly warlock who trains young recruits in the infernal arts. This would certainly explain his change of occupation.

He most likely holds key information for this to work. Though retired, I believe he is still out in the Tainted Scar in the Blasted Lands. You should seek him out.


You will receive:

  • 15g 40s
  • 15,050 XP


Well, what did Daio have to say?


Our order suffered a great loss that day. It is a shame we chose to hide it instead of study it.

You have another critical element to the ritual, and we are one step closer.


To reach the Tainted Scar, take the portal to Krasus' Landing from the Hall of the Guardian, then take the Karazhan portal from the Portrait Room in the center of Dalaran. Once at Karazhan, fly due south until you reach a demonic altar in the northern part of the Tainted Scar and speak with Daio.

You are certainly a long way from home, <race>.
Gossip I have come to ask you about Arrexis and his ritual. I must face Balaadur and I need to get his attention.
Ah, that ritual. The one where Arrexis was dragged screaming into the Nether and his entire cadre of mages were slaughtered. The ritual that caused me to give up the arcane and begin my personal quest to understand demons and their fel energies.
Balaadur is extremely dangerous and you seem... young. Are you sure you are prepared?
Gossip I have the aid of Meryl Felstorm and the spirit of Alodi, and we know what we face this time.
Balaadur and his minions have slain many mages over the years, they have perfected their craft. Before I help you with the ritual I will need to see your ability for myself. If you can face what I summon, I will give you the aid you require.
Are you prepared to face demons?
Gossip I will face your demons, warlock.
Daio the Decrepit says: Very well! Let us begin. Perhaps something easy to start. A few imps, perhaps?

Daio summons a pack of seven Fiendish Tricksters. Use AoE spells to take them down quickly.

Daio the Decrepit says: Easily defeated, but deadly in large numbers. Perhaps something that hits a little harder...

Daio summons an Empowered Wrathguard. Use abilities like [Frostbolt] and [Frost Nova] to slow it down or freeze it to prevent it from getting in melee range of you.

Daio the Decrepit says: I expected no less from one who wields crippling ice magic. But how about a foe as skilled in spellcasting as yourself?

Daio summons an Eredar Mage. Avoid standing in its "Fel Flamestrike" ability.

Daio the Decrepit says: Well fought, but Balaadur has been hunting mages for untold ages. Facing him will require mastery of all of your abilities.
Daio the Decrepit says: For the final piece of the puzzle... a simple stone. A stone from Balaadur's realm, left here by chance during one of his many ambushes.

Daio places a  [Demon Stone] in your inventory.

Daio the Decrepit says: I gave Arrexis a piece so he could attune his ritual to demonic energies. You may have what remains of the stone. May it bring better luck to you.

If you haven't done so already, head to the Abandoned Kirin Tor Camp west of Karazhan for N Mage [98 - 110] The Deadwind Site. Otherwise, use [Teleport: Hall of the Guardian] to return to Meryl.


Level 98

  1. N Mage [98 - 110] Felstorm's Plea
  2. N Mage [98 - 110] The Dreadlord's Prize
  3. N Mage [98 - 110] A Mage's Weapon
  4. Acquire the chosen artifact:
  5. N Mage [98 - 110] The Champion's Return (arcane and fire)
  6. N Mage [98 - 110] Unlocked Potential
  7. N Mage [98 - 110] The Great Akazamzarak
  8. N Mage [98 - 110] The Only Way to Travel
  9. N Mage [98 - 110] The Tirisgarde Reborn
  10. N Mage [98 - 110] A Conjuror's Duty

Level 101

  1. N Mage [101 - 110] Growing Power
  2. N Mage [101 - 110] Rise, Champions
  3. N Mage [101 - 110] Technical Wizardry
  4. N Mage [101 - 110] Archmage Omniara
  5. N Mage [101 - 110] Building Our Troops
  6. N Mage [101 - 110] Troops in the Field
  7. N Mage [101 - 110] Tech It Up A Notch
  8. N Mage [101 - 110] Ancient Magic

Level 103

  1. N Mage [103 - 110] An Unexpected Visitor
  2. N Mage [103 - 110] A Covert Operation
  3. N Mage [103 - 110] Prepare To Be Assimilated
  4. N Mage [103 - 110] What Is Going On Here?
  5. Complete both:
  6. N Mage [103 - 110] Final Exit
  7. N Mage [103 - 110] Empyrean Society Report
  8. Side quests:
  9. N Mage [103 - 110] The Council is in Session
  10. N Mage [103 - 110] Archmage Vargoth's Retreat
  11. N Mage [103 - 110] Following In His Footsteps

Level 110

  1. N Mage [110] Kalec's Plan
  2. Side quests:
  3. N Mage [110] Not A Toothless Dragon
  4. N Mage [110] The Enemy of My Enemy...
  5. N Mage [110] Impending Dooooooom!
  6. N Mage [110] A Terrible Loss
  7. Complete all of:
  8. N Mage [110] Into the Oculus

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