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Dalaran Wizard's Robe

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Dalaran Wizard's Robe is a common item that can be dropped by Ambermill Brewmaster, Ambermill Portal Guardian, and Ambermill Warder in Silverpine Forest.

Since these mobs can only be fought by members of the Horde, Alliance players must buy this item using a neutral auction house.


This item has a unique appearance. It looks to be a  [Darkmoon Robe] with an unobtainable Kirin Tor tabard over it; the only matching tabard appears exclusively on NPCs in Nethergarde Keep and does not exist as an item. Unfortunately, there is no transmoggable version of this appearance.

Prior to Wrath of the Lich King, Dalaran Wizard's Robe was the only equippable item in the game with a Kirin Tor emblem. As a result it was especially sought-after on roleplay servers.

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