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Image of Dam'ren
Title <The Frozen Sage>
Race Quilen (Beast)
Level ?? Boss
10 80,249,208
10H 108,161,976
LFR 112,959,480
25 240,747,616
25H 324,922,080
Mana 10,514
Location Grand Courtyard, Throne of Thunder
Status Killable


  • Dead Zone - Dam'ren will directionally shield himself. Standing in the dead zone will cause all incoming and outgoing attacks to miss.
    • Freeze Mana - Dam'ren freezes a random mana user's mana. After 1-5 sec, Dam'ren will then Shatter their mana, inflicting 200,000 Frost damage to all enemies.
      • Freeze Spear: Frozen Blood - Dam'ren strikes Iron Qon's spear with ice, freezing the ground around it. Coming into contact with the frozen ground will inflict 200,000 Frost damage instantly and slow the player's movement, melee, ranged, and casting speeds by 25%.

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