Damrul the Stronk

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NeutralDamrul the Stronk
Image of Damrul the Stronk
Gender Male
Race Drogbar (Humanoid)
Level 100 - 110 / 112
Health 462,219
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Stonedark tribe
Location Stonedark Grotto, Highmountain [44.8, 23.8]
Status Alive

Damrul the Stronk is a drogbar quest giver carrying two weights and standing in front of a campfire in Stonedark Grotto in Highmountain. He initially wishes to ascertain the player's ability to lift weights, after which he tasks them with dealing with the murlocs that have appeared deeper in the grotto.

He also appeared in the Halls of Valor to challenge the Battlelord of the Valarjar.[1]


  • Carry Weights - Proving your strength.
  • Drogbar Idol - Summons a Drogbar Idol, inflicting Nature damage to enemies within 30 yards every second for 6 sec.
  • Rampage - Goes into a rampage, increasing damage by s1%. This effect stacks.
  • Thunder Clap - Leaps to a location, creating a zone of thunder on the ground, slowing enemy movement speed and attack speed by 300%, and inflicting Nature damage every second.



Hey, brul. You don't look very strong to me...

After N [100 - 110] You Lift, Brul?

You're stronger than I thought, brul.

Completing N [100 - 110] Stonedark Relics

Alright, bruls, get to work!

After N [100 - 110] Stonedark Relics

These bruls could learn a thing or two from you.

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  1. ^ N Warrior [110] The Trial of Rage

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