Dark Edge of Insanity

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Dark Edge of Insanity is a two-handed axe that had the highest melee DPS in the game at the time of its release. It was surpassed in DPS only by  [Might of Menethil] and the  [Corrupted Ashbringer] until The Burning Crusade expansion. The eye embedded within the axe blinks periodically, and will sometimes even rotate within its "socket".


The axe drops off C'Thun, the final boss of the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj.


As of Patch 7.3.0, this weapon now has dynamic primary stats. If your class benefits from strength, then that is the bonus received while agility is greyed out and not applied to the character; the opposite is true if your class benefits instead from agility.


Dark Edge of Insanity

The axe looks similar to Soul Edge from Soul Calibur series.

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