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Not to be confused with Dark Fissure (Island Expeditions), Dark Fissure (Drustvar), or Dark Fissure (Seat of the Triumvirate).
This looks completely safe.

The Dark Fissure is located in the Crumbling Depths in Deepholm. Dropping down through it, will lead to the Deep Cavern. This activity is part of the puzzle for obtaining the  [Lucid Nightmare].


<A fissure in the ground, barely wide enough to squeeze through. It's too dark to see anything, but you can tell that it is very deep.>

Gossip <Drop into the fissure.>


Choosing to drop down the fissure, will prompt a popup box with the following warning:

  • "WARNING: You are about to fall into a dark fissure. You may not be able to climb back out again. Are you very sure you want to do this?

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