Dark Iron Memo

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  • Dark Iron Memo
  • Quest Item
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • "Hastily scribbled notes from a superior."

The Dark Iron Memo drops from Gravius Grimesilt at the Grimesilt Dig Site in the Searing Gorge.


Dark Iron Memo


Starting today, you are to redouble your efforts. The scope of our project has just expanded severalfold. Your archaeological studies and geological studies can wait.

Moving forward, you are to dig downward as quickly as possible. Crews within the Slag Pit will be working from the other direction to connect their tunnels to yours. The underground empire of the Dark Iron dwarves is growing, Gravius, and we are at the forefront.

Succeed in this task, and you will be rewarded. You should know, these orders do not come from me, but from Overseer Maltorius and the Archduke themselves.

Dig deep,
Dig-Boss Dinwhisker

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