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This article is about the Dark Iron dwarf lore. For the playable race, see Dark Iron dwarf (playable).
Dark Iron dwarves
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Playable Dark Iron dwarves in heritage armor.

The Dark Iron dwarves,[2][3] also spelled as dark iron dwarves[4] and known as dark dwarves[5] are a sub-race of dwarves at par with hill, mountain and frost dwarves.[5] Though the majority of them are members of the Dark Iron clan, many are also members of independent organizations such as the Twilight's Hammer, Thorium Brotherhood, Venture Company, and Mountain-Lord Rendan's followers.

Some dwarves from the Dark Iron clan became the cursed skardyn that roam Grim Batol after the War of the Three Hammers.[6]


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Physical appearance

In World of Warcraft, Dark Iron dwarves have darkish gray or black skin, with red glowing eyes. As of Battle for Azeroth, their hair glows slightly and embers flake off the ends.

They are fire-resistant.[7]


A mountain dwarf attacking a Dark Iron dwarf.

Dark Iron dwarves are known for being manipulative, underhanded, greedy, cruel, and despotic but Franclorn Forgewright states that they were not always that way and that these evil traits may have been caused by the influence of Ragnaros.[8] This may be true as certain individuals such as General Angerforge, Franclorn Forgewright, and the Thorium Brotherhood have shown themselves to be stalwart, valorous, and even honorable; despite their history of strife with the other dwarven clans and even among themselves. Predominantly, Dark Iron dwarves are known for their fiery tempers and fierce determination.[9]

Dark Iron politics is both treacherous and brutal. There is only one punishment for crimes committed against the Dark Iron dwarves: death. Ancient tradition calls for the guilty to pay the blood price in the Ring of the Law by battling savage creatures gathered from across Azeroth. To date, it is unknown if anyone has ever survived this brutal crucible. Dark Iron dwarves are also known for their craftsmanship, their sorcery, and their sturdy architecture.

Dark Irons have a habit of bringing their own food and drink with them when traveling. This developed from the fact that among their clan, poisoning is not uncommon. A host should not take offense, as it's not meant to be a slight against them.[10]

The hammer  [Ironfoe], forged by Franclorn Forgewright, is one of the Dark Irons' most sacred artifacts.[11]


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Name Role Affiliation Status Location
Neutral  Sorcerer-thane Thaurissan Thane of the Dark Irons during the War of the Three Hammers; summoned Ragnaros into Azeroth Dark Iron clan Ghost Athenaeum, Blackwing Descent
Neutral  Modgud Wife of Sorcerer-thane Thaurissan Dark Iron clan Deceased Unknown
Boss  Dagran Thaurissan Former emperor of the Dark Iron clan Dark Iron clan, Old Gods' forces Deceased-Killable Imperial Seat, Blackrock Depths
Alliance  Dagran Thaurissan II Son of Dagran Thaurissan and Moira Bronzebeard, heir to Ironforge and the Dark Iron clan Dark Iron clan, Ironforge Alive High Seat, Ironforge
Boss  Coren Direbrew Attempting to disrupt Brewfest Dark Iron clan Killable Grim Guzzler, Blackrock Depths
Neutral  Franclorn Forgewright Former chief architect of the Dark Iron clan Dark Iron clan Ghost Molten Span, Blackrock Mountain
Boss  Fineous Darkvire Dark Iron chief architect Dark Iron clan Killable Hall of Crafting, Blackrock Depths
Alliance  Fenella Darkvire Daughter of Fineous, one of Moira's premier architects Dark Iron clan, Alliance Alive Shadowforge City
Boss  General Angerforge Dark Iron general Dark Iron clan Killable West Garrison, Blackrock Depths
Neutral  Mountain-Lord Rendan Independent master of the Iron Summit Independent Alive Iron Summit, Searing Gorge
Neutral  Overseer Oilfist Overseer of Thorium Point and the Thorium Brotherhood Thorium Brotherhood Alive Thorium Point, Searing Gorge

Clans and organizations

A Dark Iron dwarf portrait in Blackrock Depths.

Additionally, the skardyn are a race of cursed descendants of Dark Iron dwarves from below Grim Batol.


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