Dark Side of the Moon (Horde)

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For other uses, see Dark Side of the Moon.
HordeDark Side of the Moon

100 - 110 (Requires 98)




15g 40s


B [100 - 110] Love Lost


N [100 - 110] Regroup at the Refuge


Protect Tyrande while she holds her vigil at the Ancient Moonwell.

  • Meet Tyrande in Shadowfen
  • Guard Tyrande during her vigil


Xavius led Ysera past here, but their destination is unclear. The Nightmare smothers my mind!

These refugees tell of an ancient Moonwell hidden in the ruins ahead.

If it is uncorrupted, it will give me the focus I need. By Elune's light, we will find my husband yet.

Meet me at the Moonwell at once, <class>.


You will receive: 15g 40s


He is still alive, but the rest remains to be seen. For your sake, let us pray that he is unharmed.



Tyrande will be waiting for you at the moonwell in Shadowfen. She will walk up to the pool once you initiate the event, during which you will need to defend her from Wormtalon Huntresses and eventually the Wormtalon Matriarch herself.

I will need to focus on the vision to understand its message.
We have had our differences in the past, but this is bigger than both of us. Can I trust you?
Gossip By my honor you will come to no harm, priestess.
Tyrande Whisperwind says: Do not let anything disturb my meditation.
Tyrande Whisperwind says: I see... swirling red mist. Gnashing teeth.
Tyrande Whisperwind says: Malfurion! He is in pain! Keep fighting, my love!
Tyrande Whisperwind says: Such malevolent laughter... Xavius, you cruel creature! I am coming for you!
Tyrande Whisperwind says: His location is still unclear, but he lives.
Tyrande Whisperwind says: We must go deeper into the nightmare. Wherever he is, peril is already upon him!


Requires completion of the Into the Nightmare story chapter.

  1. B [100 - 110] Love Lost
  2. B [100 - 110] Dark Side of the Moon
  3. N [100 - 110] Regroup at the Refuge
  4. B [100 - 110] Heart of the Nightmare
  5. N [100 - 110] Reading the Leaves & N [100 - 110] Given to Corruption
  6. N [100 - 110] Softening the Target
  7. B [100 - 110] Close Enough to Touch
  8. N [100 - 110] The Fate of Val'sharah (grants "All Nightmare Long" achievement credit)
  9. N [100 - 110] The Tears of Elune & N [100 - 110D] Darkheart Thicket: Enter the Nightmare

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