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Dark Young

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Main article: G'huun (tactics)
MobDark Young
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Race Blood abomination (Aberration)
Level 122 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Uldir
Status Killable

Dark Youngs are blood abominations located in Uldir.


  • Ability priest surgeofdarkness.png  Dark Bargain — Upon reaching 100 energy the Dark Young unleashes a profane ritual, increasing the damage taken, healing done and damage done of all creatures, including players, within 10 yards of the caster by 25% for 30 sec.
  • Spell holy devotion.png  Massive Smash — Filled with unending rage, the caster slams their target, inflicting 298928 Physical damage and knocking them back.
  • Ability druid cresentburn.png  Reorigination Blast — When the Reorigination Drive reaches 100 energy it unleashes a blast of titanic power, inflicting 33 Arcane damage to all creatures, including players, every 6 sec for 24 sec. This blast incapacitates G'huun and all of his minions, and increases all damage taken by these creatures by 100% for 24 sec.

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