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Image of Darkblaze
Gender Male
Race Black dragon (Dragonkin)
Level 21 Elite
Health 17,790
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Stonewatch Keep, Redridge Mountains
Status Killable

Darkblaze is a level 21 elite black dragon who appears at Stonewatch Keep in the Redridge Mountains. He uses the human guise Grand Magus Doane.

During a battle with John J. Keeshan, Darkblaze incinerated all of his friends before eating Keeshan and flying out over Lake Everstill, Keeshan still fighting from within his mouth. Halfway across the lake Darkblaze succumbed to his injuries and fell, but Keeshan's body was never found.

Objective of


Grand Magus Doane says: The Bravo Company, all present and account for...
Grand Magus Doane says: Did you truly believe that the orcs had the presence of mind required to plan an invasion of this magnitude?
Grand Magus Doane says: No matter. You will die now, a paltry offering to Deathwing as our march upon Stormwind begins.
Darkblaze yells: Feed the master's rage! COME AND DIE!
John J. Keeshan says: You're nothing!
John J. Keeshan says: WAR IS IN MY BLOOD!
Darkblaze yells: I grow tired of these games!
Darkblaze yells: Suffer in flames!
John J. Keeshan yells: You gutless bastard! You've killed'em all! Now I kill you!
Darkblaze yells: You will die with me, Keeshan! This world has enough heroes!

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