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Darkened Dreams

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NeutralDarkened Dreams
Start Lord Itharius
End Lord Itharius
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Deaths of Chromie


Slay Thalas Vylethorn at the Emerald Dragonshrine.


The ancients at the Emerald Dragonshrine suffer in their dreams. With Ysera gone, I am shorthanded and unable to investigate the matter myself. Would you help me cleanse the nightmare from the Emerald Dragonshrine?


I appreciate you taking the time to listen to my concern, <race>.


With your assistance, the ancients have fallen back into their restful slumber. Thank you, <race>.


One-time quests

The Deaths of Chromie

  1. N [110] Chromie
  2. N [110] The Day That Chromie Dies
  3. N [110] Rewind
  4. N [110] The Many Advantages of Being a Time Dragon
  5. N [110] Preserve the True Future
  6. N [110] The Deaths of Chromie

Dragonshrine bosses

Repeatable quests

One random quest per run

Stratholme past

  1. N [110] Smoke, Meat, and Pretty Flowers
  2. N [110] Yeah, Definitely for the Kids
  3. N [110] Holing Up
  4. N [110] For Emery
  5. N [110] Fight Plague with Fire



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