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Darkfallen Archmage

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MobDarkfallen Archmage
Image of Darkfallen Archmage
Title <The San'layn>
Gender Female
Race San'layn (Undead)
Level 82 Elite
Class Mage
Health 431,360 (10-player)
1,294,080 (25-player)
Mana 183,200
Wealth 78s 65c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Archmage
Location Crimson Hall, Icecrown Citadel

Darkfallen Archmages can be found in the Crimson Hall of Icecrown Citadel. They are normally found spread out among the trash in the halls.


  • [Blast Wave]-Unleashes a wave of flame, inflicting Fire damage to nearby enemies and reducing their movement speed for 4 sec.
  • [Fireball]-Inflicts 8325 to 9675 (11100 to 12900) Fire damage to the target.
  • [Amplify Magic]-Amplifies magic used against an enemy, increasing damage taken from spells by up to 1800 (2400) and healing spells by up to 3600. Lasts 30 sec.
  • [Polymorph]:Spider-Transforms an enemy into a spider, forcing it to wander around for up to 12 sec. While wandering, the spider cannot attack or cast spells. Any damage will transform the target back into its normal form. Only one target can be polymorphed at a time. Only works on beasts, dragons, giants, humanoids, and critters.

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