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Darkheart Thicket: Fallen Power

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NeutralDarkheart Thicket: Fallen Power

110 (Requires 110)




19g 40s




N [110] Lucid Strength


Recover a Corrupted Essence from Oakheart and defeat the Shade of Xavius in Darkheart Thicket on Mythic difficulty.


Once we have the proper implements we can use the Heart to infuse great power into your artifact. We need only a source.

Deep within the Darkheart Thicket lies the ancient Oakheart, once a great and mighty protector of Shaladrassil. He has regrettably fallen to the nightmare like so many of his kin.

As the darkness within him has taken root, an essence of the corruption has manifested. I ask that you recover the essence so that we may draw from its power, and put noble Oakheart to rest.


Senegos says: Steel your heart, young one. None are safe from the Nightmare's grasp.


You will receive: 19g 40s


You have the essence?


The ancient is at peace once more.

May his sacrifice not be in vain.

All three quests complete:

Archmage Kalec says: We have everything we need. Well done!


As with the previous quest and all the other dungeon quests that come after, this cannot be done with Mythic Keystones.


  1. N [110] The Power Within / N Mage [110] The Power Within
  2. N [110D] Eye of Azshara: The Heart of Zin-Azshari
  3. N [110] A Vainglorious Past & N [110D] Darkheart Thicket: Fallen Power & N [110] Tempering Darkness
  4. N [110] Lucid Strength
  5. N [100R] The Emerald Nightmare: In Nightmares & N [110R] The Emerald Nightmare: Essence of Power
  6. N [100] Essential Consumption
  7. N [100] Saving the Guard (If Moon Guard Stronghold of [Good Suramaritan] hasn't been completed)
  8. N [100] Repaid Debt
  9. N [110] Lost Knowledge
  10. N [110D] Vault of the Wardens: Borrowing Without Asking & N [110D] The Arcway: Rite of the Captain & N [110D] Court of Stars: Literary Perfection
  11. N [110] Twisted Power
  12. N [110] A True Test
  13. N [110] Seeking the Valkyra
  14. N [110] The Mark
  15. N [110D] Maw of Souls: Retrieving the Svalnguard
  16. N [110] A Feast Fit for Odyn & N [110D] Neltharion's Lair: Presentation is Key
  17. N [110D] Halls of Valor: Odyn's Blessing
  18. (Before opening of Nighthold) N [110] Planning the Assault / (After Opening of Nighthold) N [100] Preparing to Move
  19. N [110R] The Nighthold: Into the Nighthold & N [110R] The Nighthold: Delusions of Grandeur & N [110R] The Nighthold: Darkness Calls
  20. N [110] Balance of Power

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