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This article is an opinion piece, a review of each Darkmoon Faire Prize obtainable by earning and spending [Darkmoon Faire Prize Ticket]s.


There are 10 Darkmoon Faire Prizes purchasable with Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets.

Darkmoon Flower

 [Darkmoon Flower] is available at level 6 for 5 tickets.

This is a fairly useless item that you can equip in your offhand. It provides no direct benefits to your character. As useless offhand bouquets go, it is not particularly noteworthy for how great it looks. For whatever reason, there is a demand for this item, and you can sell it in the auction house; I've never spent tickets on one, but I have purchased several and resold them for a profit. Note that it also vends for 7s 50c. You can purchase this with your 5 tickets from the herald's quest, even at a low level.

Random Darkmoon prizes

 [Minor Darkmoon Prize] is available at level 15 for 5 tickets.

 [Lesser Darkmoon Prize] is available at level 30 for 12 tickets.

 [Greater Darkmoon Prize] is available at level 45 for 40 tickets.

These contain level appropriate random prizes. I find these worthwhile, however, depending on your economic status in WoW, your mileage may vary. While these are level appropriate, they are random, and will generally not be ideal for your character's class. Figure on reselling, and finding an occasional useful item. These prizes are often uncommon quality, often include non-binding bags, 10 slot at minor, 12 slot at lesser, up to 16 slot at greater, and often include some cash. Do not buy under your level; save your tickets for the level appropriate prize.

Based on a typical resale value of the Minor Darkmoon Prize of around 50s, value the Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets at around 10s as a baseline for comparison. You can purchase the Minor Darkmoon Prize with your 5 tickets from the herald's quest if you are at least level 15; this is a better value than the flower (although the low value flower can sell for more in the auction house, depending on what you get in your prize.)

Darkmoon Storage Box

 [Darkmoon Storage Box] is available at level 6 for 50 tickets.

When you wander into the Darkmoon Faire for the first time with a low level character who is hurting for bag space, this item looks enticing. Too bad you won't be able to afford it for a long time. By the time you can gather 50 tickets, this item is pretty lame. It costs as much as 10 Minor Prizes, which is around 5g equivalent value.

Beware, it is unique, you can have only one. It doesn't bind, so you can resell it when you outgrow it.

Darkmoon Faire meat maces

 [Last Month's Mutton] is available at level 25 for 10 tickets.

 [Last Year's Mutton] is available at level 45 for 50 tickets.

These are common quality maces. The main benefit of these items is the in-game graphic model is a stick of meat. Beating on someone with a stick of meat is awesome, until you get tired of it.

Both are one-hand items, which means you can wield them with either hand if you can dual-wield, or even dual wield them.

Looks particularly good with a tankard in the off hand.

Probably not the wisest use of tickets, but hey, we play to have fun, right? Whatever floats your boat.

Engineering schematic

 [Schematic: Steam Tonk Controller] is available at level 45 for 40 tickets.

This item is an engineering schematic, and is only useful to engineers, especially because it binds on pickup. Also be aware that back in the day, this schematic was only available from the Darkmoon Faire, but now it is available from engineering vendors in both factions (in Ironforge and Orgrimmar) for 80s. If you spend your tickets on this schematic, you are getting 2s value for your tickets.

The item the engineer can create from this schematic, the [Steam Tonk Controller] is a PvP (Tonk vs Tonk) game within the (WoW) game. You can test drive Steam Tonks for free at the Darkmoon Faire, but be aware that the Darkmoon Faire has several types, and an engineer can only create the kind that drops mines. There are uses beyond Tonk vs Tonk battling for tonks, such as scouting. Be aware that the controller has only 50 charges, so the tonk will eventually have to be replaced.

Conclusion; it is a fun item, and an engineer will want to have this schematic, but using tickets to get it is a waste.

Darkmoon necklaces

 [Orb of the Darkmoon] is available at level 60 for 1200 tickets.

 [Amulet of the Darkmoon] is available at level 60 for 1200 tickets.

Consider purchasing one of these to be a quest in a very real sense. You will have to farm materials for turning items in.

These are nice necklace items for their level, but somewhat generic and unfocused.

The orb is aimed at casters, and seems a bit off; there is no int nor spell damage buff. The high stamina and spirit are PvP oriented.

The amulet is generically beneficial for melee, not targeted to any one class, although rogues will appreciate it most. The high agility is great for hunters, but lack of caster stat buffs is not ideal. Warriors will find the favoring of agility over strength and stamina to be less than ideal.

When the level cap was 60, these were more significant. You will eventually outgrow these. Still, they are a useful goal for their level. Worth pursuing, but don't hold off on purchasing the other prizes when appropriate to save for these; by the time these are viable, you will be able to farm for them.