Darkmoon Firewater (original)

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For the Warlords of Draenor version, see  [Darkmoon Firewater].
  • Darkmoon Firewater
  • Use: Increases your attack power by X and size for 20 min.  Battle Elixir.
  • Sell Price: 62c
Inv potion 167.png This consumable is classified in-game as a Battle Elixir and will not stack with other Battle Elixirs or Flasks.

The Darkmoon Firewater can be obtained from a  [Sealed Crate], which can be fished up anywhere in Pandaria.

It was originally only available from the  [Sealed Crate], which is fished from Darkmoon Island.


  • Unlike the elixirs seen below, this one scales to the player's level.

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