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Were you looking for the Darkspear Isle, the new home of the Darkspear trolls in the Echo Isles?
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The location of the Darkspear Islands.

The Darkspear Islands[1] were the former home of the Darkspear tribe of jungle trolls, located somewhere within the South Seas[2] or somewhere else in the Great Sea.[3] The jungle of First Home grew on one such island, and was was filled with loa.[4] The islands were volcanically active.[5]


The Darkspear trolls left Stranglethorn Vale and settled on the remote desert islands some time after the defeat of Hakkar the Soulflayer, after the Gurubashi troll tribes began battling each other[6] and after the opening of the Dark Portal.[7]

As the New Horde left Lordaeron behind at the onset of the Third War, Thrall's stolen fleet was scattered and heavily damaged by a fierce storm. The ships that remained with Thrall happened upon the islands of the Darkspear, and began repairing their vessels. Here they made peaceful contact with Sen'jin, leader of the trolls, who believed that he had seen the orc in a vision. The Horde discovered that humans of Kul Tiras had an outpost on the island, and were warring with the natives. Thrall attacked and destroyed it before the Alliance could muster the strength to threaten the orcish camp, as well as to aid the Darkspear. However, a surprise attack on the humans by murlocs caught both forces off-guard, and Thrall, Sen'jin and their attacking warriors, as well as the Alliance survivors found themselves captured.[5]

They were taken underground to a cavern system linking dungeons, a massive gold mine, a great library and the murloc's temple to their goddess, the naga sea witch and sorceress Zar'jira who commanded the Underworld Minions. A troll explained to Thrall that the murlocs would kidnap surface races and take them into the caverns to be sacrificed to their deity, an appeasement apparently needed to prevent the islands' destruction. Thrall fought his way out, clashing with the Alliance prisoners in the process, but could not save the life of Sen'jin, mortally wounded by the murlocs. As the caves began to collapse, Sen'jin told Thrall that it was he who would lead his people off the islands, according to his vision. Thrall offered the trolls beside him a place in the Horde, which they readily accepted.[8]

Outraged by the defilement of her temple, the Sea Witch revealed herself as the island's volcano erupted. She began harrying the orcish camp as the ships' repairs were hurriedly completed. Thrall was forced to hold off waves of murlocs while reaching the varied troll settlements and rescuing their occupants to safety. The island was thought to be destroyed by the Sea Witch as the Horde sailed away to Kalimdor.[9]

However, many trolls remained including Master Gadrin. After several months, Sen'jin's son, Vol'jin and Zalazane returned from the First Home. The trolls prepared to their final leave and after a year the remaining trolls rejoined their people in Kalimdor.


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In the RPG

The RPG Icon 16x36.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

The Darkspear islands (not used as a proper noun) were the former home of the Darkspear tribe near the Maelstrom.[10] After Hakkar and his priests were defeated the first time, the remnants of the Gurubashi empire split up, and the Darkspear tribe set off to claim their own lands, or possibly reclaim them[10] (hinting that they settled on these islands at a previous point). Horde Player's Guide also states that they lived on the Broken Isles.[11]

During Thrall's expedition, he was shipwrecked on one lone island somewhere in the South Seas that was close to the Maelstrom. It was here that he met the Darkspear trolls and saved them from zealous murlocs, thereby enlisting them as members of the Horde.[12] Thrall and his orcs were fleeing from a human internment camp when they crashed into one of the Darkspear islands, near the Maelstrom.[10]

The Darkspear refugees had lost their homeland — which had sunk to the bottom of the sea — and they agreed to travel to Kalimdor with Thrall. The alliance between the Darkspear and the Horde thus began.[10]


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

The Spitescale naga may have previously inhabited the islands.


The Warcraft III map suggests the islands were located very close to the Maelstrom in the Great Sea. Later the troll race page on the official website stated they were located in the South Seas. The Ultimate Visual Guides says that the Darkspear tribe were forced to relocate to an island in the Great Sea. Rather than a group of islands, it also mentions one island.

World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 3 states that Thrall landed on in when he was crossing the Great Sea. It also says that the Darkspears relocated on the string of islands (more, rather than one) west of Stranglethorn, which coast meets the South Seas.

It could be speculated that the Darkspear Islands were located somewhere on the border of the South Seas and the rest of the Great Sea.

It should be noted that the Maelstrom in the RPG was part of the South Seas.