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Darkwoods Faerie

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MobDarkwoods Faerie
Image of Darkwoods Faerie
Race Sprite (Humanoid)
Level 90 Elite
Health 1,969,000
Location Shan'ze Dao, Townlong Steppes
Status Killable



  • Starsurge 40 yd range — You fuse the power of the moon and sun, launching a devastating blast of energy at the target. Causes 14,764 to 14,770 Spellstorm damage to the target.
  • Fae Spirit — This spirit shares health with its body. Summons a handful of fae spirits, 90 fey sprites with 94k health. Damage done to the dragonkin is mirrored on the boss.
  • Night Sky 30 yd range — Calls down starshards that lasts 8 sec., inflcting Arcane damage every 2 sec. to all enemies in a selected area. 2 sec cast. Hits for 20,217 Arcane

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